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Changes in walking, body mass index, and cardiometabolic risk factors following residential relocation: Longitudinal results from the CARDIA study

  • Published on Dec 2016

Background: While many studies have found the built environment to be associated with walking, most have used cross-sectional research designs and few have examined more distal cardiometabolic outcomes. This study contributes longitudinal evidence based on changes in walking, body mass index (BMI), and cardiometabolic risk following residential relocation. Methods: We ...

Do Short Spurts of Physical Activity Benefit Cardiovascular Health? The CARDIA Study

  • Published on March 17, 2015

Background: For optimal health benefits moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity (MVPA) is recommended in sustained bouts lasting > 10 minutes. However, short spurts of MVPA lasting < 10 minutes are more common in everyday life. It is unclear whether short spurts of MVPA further protect against the development of hypertension and obesity ...