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Calibration of accelerometer output for children

  • Added on November 1, 2005

Understanding the determinants of physical activity behavior in children and youths is essential to the design and implementation of intervention studies to increase physical activity. Objective methods to assess physical activity behavior using various types of motion detectors have been recommended as an alternative to self-report for this population because ...

Actigraphy as a measure of physical activity for wheelchair users with spinal cord injury

  • Added on March 1, 2004

Background: Research has indicated that actigraphy is valid and reliable for measuring low levels of physical activity among ambulatory individuals, and that it may be a valid indicator of energy expenditure for wheelchair users in laboratory conditions, but there are no reports of its evaluation in free-living conditions. Objective: To ...

Calibration of the Computer Science and Applications, Inc. accelerometer

  • Added on May 1, 1998

PURPOSE: We established accelerometer count ranges for the Computer Science and Applications, Inc. (CSA) activity monitor corresponding to commonly employed MET categories. METHODS: Data were obtained from 50 adults (25 males, 25 females) during treadmill exercise at three different speeds (4.8, 6.4, and 9.7 km x h(-1)). RESULTS: Activity counts and steady-state oxygen consumption were ...