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How Important is the Use of a Logbook in Addition to Accelerometer to Assess the Proportion of Insufficiently Active 13-year-old Girls?

  • Added on July 7, 2012

Introduction It is strongly recommended to use objective measurements for the assessment of physical activity among children and adolescents. However, as some activities such as bicycling/inline skating/scooter are incorrectly recorded by accelerometer, assisting methods are needed to obtain correct data. The aim of the study was to examine ...

Altered Circadian Rhythmicity in Blood Pressure with Spinal Cord Injury is Not Explained by Differences in Physical Activity

  • Added on July 7, 2012

Introduction Individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI) demonstrate attenuation or absence of nocturnal reductions in blood pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR) (Rosado-Rivera et al., 2011; J Spinal Cord Med, 34, 395). Diminished rhythmicity is associated with increased incidence of cardiovascular disease and mortality (Verdecchia et al., 1993; Circ, 88; 986). Differences in the levels of ...

Reduced Postoperative Physical Activity of Children with Congenital Heart Diseases

  • Added on July 7, 2012

Background Children with congenital heart disease (CHD) have a reduced exercise capacity. Studies suggest that prolonged hospitalization might contribute to deconditioning in exercise capacity. This study examined the postoperative physical activity among children with CHD after a hospital stay. Methods 34 children and adolescents with CHD (21 girls, 8.0 years [IQ: 6.0-11.0 years]) ...

Accelerometer-Derived Physical Activity in Preschoolers: A G-Force Histogram Analysis

  • Added on July 6, 2012

Introduction Accelerometers have been seen as gold-standard objective tool for monitoring childrens’ habitual physical activity. To become biologically meaningful, the activity levels have generally been estimated on the basis of cut-off points. However, there is a lack of general agreement on how to choose the cut-off points (Bornstein et al., 2011). ...

Are Physical Activity and Fundamental Motor Skills Related at the Age of Four?

  • Added on July 6, 2012

Introduction Research lacks knowledge regarding the intensity of physical activity (PA) that preschool children need for the sufficient fundamental motor skills (FMS) necessary to be physically active (Stodden et al. 2008). This study aims at determining if different intensities of PA and FMS are related at the age of four. Methods ...