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Validity of Two Self-Report Measures of Sitting Time

  • Added on June 16, 2011

Introduction Evidence suggests that time spent in sedentary behaviours (usually defined as time spent sitting) is an independent risk factor for a number of adverse health outcomes [1] and there have been calls for the explicit measurement of sedentary behaviour in population surveillance studies [2]. To date, limited evidence exists on the ...

Using Observation to Compare Different Accelerometer Cut Points for Sedentary Behavior in Children

  • Added on June 16, 2011

Introduction Accurate objective methods for the assessment of sedentary behavior are crucial for population monitoring and evaluation of public health strategies for preventing childhood obesity. Actigraph accelerometers are a commonly used objective physical activity measurement tool. It is hypothesized that accelerometers may also provide a valid method for assessing children’...

Objectively Measured Sedentary and Physical Activity Behavior Across the Life Span

  • Added on June 16, 2011

Introduction Recent research shows that too much sitting has negative effects on health and well-being independently from people meeting the current physical activity (PA) recommendations [1]. However sedentary behavior (SB) is still an understudied topic. The aim of this study was to objectively investigate the time spent in sedentary and PA ...

Volume, Patterns, and Types of Sedentary Behavior and Cardio-Metabolic Health in Children and Adolescents

  • Presented on 2011

Introduction Cardio-metabolic risk factors are becoming more prevalent in children and adolescents. A lack of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity (MVPA) is an established determinant of cardio-metabolic risk factors in children and adolescents [1]. Less is known about the relationship between sedentary behavior and cardio-metabolic health. Therefore, the objective was to examine ...

Correlates of Seasonal Outdoor Physical Activity Measured Using Accelerometers and GPS

  • Published on 2011

Introduction Combining GPS and accelerometer data offers a new opportunity to objectively measure children’s time spent active outdoors [1]. This is important as greater time spent outdoors is related to reduced risk of obesity. We know little about what factors determine children’s outdoor activity. This study uniquely investigated the ...