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Validity of the ActiGraph Inclinometer Algorithm for Detecting Sitting and Standing Postures

  • Presented on April 2014

Aim: To assess the criterion validity of the ActiGraph inclinometer algorithm for detecting sitting and standing postures when worn on the thigh and waist. Methods: Thirty-nine adults (46% female, age: 31.0±8.8 years, BMI: 26.7±5.0 kg/m2) were directly observed whilst participating in a range of sedentary (typing on a computer, watching television, playing ...

Validation of Different Accelerometers to Determine Mechanical Loading in Children

  • Presented on April 2014

Purpose: Impact loading of bone is thought to be an important prevention for osteoporosis throughout life. The purpose of this study was to assess validity of accelerometers that provide raw acceleration signals with ground reaction force (GRF) for daily physical activities in children. Understanding error of these devices is a ...

Predictive Validity of ActiGraph Equations for Energy Expenditure in Older Adults in Free-Living Environments

  • Presented on April 2014

Purpose: To compare the Freedson, Crouter and Santos-Lozano (vertical axis [VT] and vector-magnitude [VM]) equations for ActiGraph GT3X+ (AG) with indirect calorimetry for predicting energy expenditure (EE) in older adults in free-living environments. Methods: Forty older adults (age=77.36 yr (SD+8.13; range 66 to 99 years), BMI=25.96 kg∙m-2 (SD=3.67) completed a ...

Incidental and Planned Exercise Questionnaire for Seniors: Validity & Responsiveness

  • Presented on April 2014

Purpose: To assess the criterion validity and responsiveness of the Incidental and Planned Exercise Questionnaire (IPEQ), specifically developed for aging research. Methods: Community-dwelling older adults (n=318, mean age 73.2 years) who participated in a trial investigating the effect of walking program on falls. At baseline a sub-sample (n=177) also wore an ...

Compensation of Physical Activity and Sedentary Time in Primary School Children

  • Presented on April 2014

Purpose: There is considerable debate about the possibility of physical activity compensation. This study examined whether increased levels in physical activity and/or sedentary behaviour on one day were predictive of lower levels in these behaviours the following day (compensatory mechanisms) among children. Methods: Two hundred and forty-eight children (121 boys, 127 ...