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Functional data analysis methods for physical activity measurements using accelerometers

  • Presented on 2015

Purpose: To propose a novel functional data analysis framework to fully characterize activity intensity, duration and frequency based on accelerometer data. Background: Traditional approaches reduce accelerometer data into simple summary measures, such as time and bouts in intensity categories (sedentary, light, moderate and vigorous activities). However, these approaches depend on ...

Comparing objective measures of activity in the women health initiative study

  • Presented on 2015

Purpose: The study aims were: 1) to propose an improved version of Activity Intensity (AI) to summarize raw tri-axial accelerometry data; 2) to compare AI and Activity Count (AC) with regard to distinguishing between different activities and predicting energy expenditure. Methods: 200 postmenopausal women performed 9 lifestyle activities in the laboratory, each wearing an ...