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ActiGraph Announces Acquisition by ArchiMed

Pensacola, FL – May 18, 2020 – ActiGraph, a leading provider of medical-grade wearable physical activity and sleep monitoring solutions for the global scientific community, announced today that it has been acquired by global private equity healthcare specialist ArchiMed.

ArchiMed shares ActiGraph’s mission of helping people live longer, better lives. Their investment in ActiGraph’s employees, technology, and capabilities will allow the company to deepen the breadth and value of its patient monitoring solutions portfolio to support the development of life-changing therapies. With ArchiMed’s strategic expertise and guidance, ActiGraph is well-positioned for continued innovation and growth within pharma and biotech research. The company’s digital remote monitoring platform is particularly well-suited for siteless or virtual trials, which have become vital to sustaining clinical research and protecting patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This acquisition is an important next step for ActiGraph and the customers we serve,” said Jeremy Wyatt, ActiGraph President and COO. “We are excited to partner with a group that believes in our mission and supports our scale into the digital health technology industry. ArchiMed’s backing will enable us to enhance our supplier relationships, global regulatory standing, product delivery capabilities, software services, and innovative wearable sensor offerings. Doing so will ensure that we continue to deliver high quality digital health outcomes in unique and novel ways for our customers and the patients who depend on us. I could not be more proud of our employees who have worked so hard to get us to this stage. Their passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to excellence are unsurpassed.”

“ActiGraph is a well-established pioneer in wearable sensor technology, and their market leading patient monitoring solutions exemplify digital health transformation in clinical research,” said Rick Riegel, ActiGraph Chairman of the Board. “ArchiMed’s acquisition will provide ActiGraph with the financial backing and strategic expertise required to accelerate product innovation and scale business operations to drive growth and expand the company’s global footprint.”

About ActiGraphwww.actigraphcorp.com – ActiGraph’s mission is to help people live longer, better lives. We do that by providing our clients with high resolution, digital data that can be used to explain, influence, and predict human health outcomes. ActiGraph is a leading provider of medical-grade physical activity and sleep monitoring solutions for the global scientific community. Our FDA-cleared wearable activity monitors and robust data management and analytics platform have been used extensively to quantify human movement in academic and population health research for two decades. More recently, ActiGraph technology solutions have been widely adopted by pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations seeking to capture and monitor real-world physical activity, mobility, and sleep behavior for patients enrolled in clinical trials.

About ArchiMedwww.archimed-group.eu – ArchiMed is an independent investment firm specialized in the Healthcare industries. It is a strategic and financial partner to European and North American companies operating in the Biopharma, Medtech, Diagnostics, Life Sciences, Healthcare IT, Consumer Health, Public Safety and Care Services sectors. ArchiMed’s international team combines investment, medical, technological and operational experience. It works alongside management teams to accelerate their business growth, through internationalization, product and service range expansion as well as capacity extension, both organically and through acquisitions. Over the last 20 years, ArchiMed’s leadership team directly managed and invested in over 40 small, medium and large-size healthcare companies throughout the world, with a combined value above 5 billion euros. ArchiMed’s investment capacity currently exceeds one billion euros and potentially twice this amount when including its strategic investment partners.

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