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ActiGraph Announces Significant Technology Upgrades for Clinical Trials

Pensacola, FL – February 17, 2022ActiGraph, a leading technology partner for clinical trials and academic research, has unveiled significant upgrades and enhancements to its real-world remote monitoring ecosystem:

The CPIW 2.0 is a fit-for-purpose wearable for the continuous tracking of real-world movement and sleep behaviors in clinical trial participants, now with improved design, durability, and an enabled onboard temperature sensor. Preliminary evaluation shows this near-body temperature data has potential to improve the accuracy of certain digital measures, such as wear time. At this time, temperature sensor data is for investigational use only.

“As we kick off a new year, I’m excited about ActiGraph’s innovation roadmap. We’re investing heavily in our hardware, software, and science offerings, and today I’m pleased to introduce the first of many new products, services, and platform enhancements planned for 2022,” said Jeremy Wyatt, ActiGraph Chief Executive Officer.

The CentrePoint platform, which supports ActiGraph’s wearable devices, has been rearchitected to provide unlimited scalability and better performance. The company also released a new public raw data API that provides access to raw data in near real time to ActiGraph clients and partners. These changes were designed to improve the quality of research conducted with ActiGraph technology, ultimately advancing the development of life changing drugs and therapies.

“We are very excited about these improvements, as they herald a new chapter for the ActiGraph platform. This, however, is only the beginning. Our product roadmap is constantly evolving to keep pace with innovation,” says Kim Rejndrup, ActiGraph Chief Product Officer.

About ActiGraph: ActiGraph is a leading provider of medical-grade physical activity and sleep monitoring solutions for the global scientific community. ActiGraph’s FDA-cleared wearable actigraphy monitors and robust analytics platform have been widely used to quantify human movement in academic and population health research for nearly two decades. In recent years, the company’s monitoring solutions have been steadily adopted by pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations seeking to capture real-world objective outcomes related to physical activity, mobility, and sleep behavior for patients enrolled in clinical trials. For more information, visit www.theactigraph.com.