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ActiGraph Introduces Study Admin Portal for Clinical Trials

Pensacola, FL-March 6, 2014 – ActiGraph, a leading provider of objective physical activity and sleep/wake measurement solutions for the global research community, has announced the release of its new Study Admin Portal, a web based software tool that provides the company’s pharmaceutical client base with a turnkey solution for the collection, analysis, and management of actigraphy data as part of a clinical trial protocol.

ActiGraph’s new Study Admin Portal, in conjunction with the company’s newest generation of Bluetooth Smart wireless actigraphy monitors, solves many of the logistical challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations seeking to enhance the quality of their trial data through the collection of objective physical activity and sleep measures.

The Study Admin Portal features a simplified ‘plug and play’ actigraphy device deployment and download system to ease operational burden of the clinical team and eliminate the potential for user errors that may result in missing or incomplete data. Once actigraphy monitors are deployed, data can be uploaded directly to the web-based Study Admin Portal via a companion mobile application, giving investigators access to near real time data from anywhere and solving the inherent data collection limitations related to device battery life and data storage capacity. Study coordinators can manage patients site-by-site to ensure that actigraphy data is being captured and there are no issues with devices and wear-compliance.

The Study Admin Portal leverages the power of ActiLife, ActiGraph’s research-driven software platform, to automatically screen collected data and seamlessly deliver patient measures derived from validated, industry standard algorithms to the sponsor or clinical trial database. ActiGraph partners with renowned academic organizations to offer advanced data interpretation services based on specific patient populations, therapeutic areas, or measurement protocols.

“We’ve spent the last decade building hardware and software products to meet the needs of a primarily academic-based research community,” said Jeff Arnett, ActiGraph CEO. “As we’ve become involved in clinical trials over the last several years, we’ve recognized the unique set of challenges these clients face. The Study Admin Portal was developed as a direct response to these challenges and provides our clients with the best of both worlds – high quality, validated objective measures and the simplicity of an automated, web-based application that can be easily deployed within the complex drug development environment.”

The Study Admin Portal can also be used to augment the functionality of the ActiLife software platform for ActiGraph’s core academic research clients. By linking it with their ActiLife license, researchers can use the Study Admin Portal to efficiently manage studies and access real-time data from the web, while still preserving the ability perform high level analytics on raw subject data using ActiLife.

About ActiGraph:
ActiGraph’s extensively validated suite of hardware and software products are widely used by prominent scientific and academic organizations in more than 75 countries in research studies and clinical trials involving physical activity, energy expenditure, and sleep/wake behavior and their relationships to a wide range of health conditions including obesity, diabetes, cancer, CNS disorders, cardiovascular disease and sleep disorders. ActiGraph measurement solutions have delivered objective data to many high profile population studies including the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), the Harvard Women’s Health Study, the German National Cohort, and the U.K. Millennium Cohort Study.