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ActiGraph Launches New CentrePoint Insight Watch

Medical-grade activity monitor is newest addition to ActiGraph’s CentrePoint technology ecosystem

Sept. 27, 2018 – Pensacola, FL – ActiGraph, a leading provider of medical-grade wearable activity and sleep monitoring solutions for the global scientific community, has announced the highly anticipated launch of its newest activity monitor, the CentrePoint Insight Watch. Combining ActiGraph’s validated raw data capture technology, real-time connectivity, and the streamlined design, comfort, and utility of a consumer smartwatch, the redesigned CentrePoint Insight Watch delivers high quality, real-world data and an enhanced patient experience during clinical drug trials and health research studies.

ActiGraph’s CentrePoint Insight Watch uses a triaxial MEMS accelerometer to capture and record continuous, high-resolution raw acceleration data for more than 30 days between battery charges. Within the CentrePoint ecosystem, raw activity data is passively transmitted from the Bluetooth 5-enabled CentrePoint Insight Watch to ActiGraph’s secure cloud platform by way of a cellular-powered home data hub or a patient-facing mobile application. Clinical trial sponsors and researchers can remotely monitor patient wear compliance and identify potential data trends in near real time, and patients are not burdened by complicated charging and data upload procedures.

“The release of the CentrePoint Insight Watch is truly a watershed moment in the evolution of ActiGraph technology over the past 15 years,” said Jeremy Wyatt, ActiGraph CTO and Senior Vice President of Product Development. “The Insight Watch is the first device able to capture the high-resolution, unadulterated source signal from the accelerometer over the air using BLE5, a faster version of Bluetooth. This continuous, real-time data transfer provides our clients with actionable information and eliminates the risk of data loss that occurs when source files remain on the device until after data collection.”

The release of the CentrePoint Insight Watch reinforces ActiGraph’s pioneering reputation within the medical-grade wearable landscape. The CentrePoint Insight Watch and supporting ecosystem were architected to not only leverage existing analysis methods, but also to support novel approaches to deriving meaningful insights from acceleration data, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Validated public algorithms are used to derive standard outcome measures, such as activity intensity, energy expenditure, steps taken, and sleep efficiency, while high-resolution raw source data is available for advanced post-processing and the development of novel digital biomarkers and clinical endpoints.

The CentrePoint Insight Watch is an FDA cleared Class II medical device within the United States and a Class I non-measuring medical device within the European Union. Additional regulatory information can be found on the ActiGraph website.

About ActiGraph
ActiGraph is a leading provider of medical-grade physical activity and sleep monitoring solutions for the global scientific community. ActiGraph’s wearable actigraphy monitors and robust analytics platform have been widely used to quantify human movement in academic and population health research for nearly two decades. In recent years, the company’s monitoring solutions have been steadily adopted by biopharma and life sciences organizations seeking to capture real-world objective outcomes related to physical activity, mobility, and sleep behavior for patients enrolled in clinical trials.