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A review of accelerometer-based activity monitoring in cancer survivorship research

May 2018

Background: In the cancer survivorship context, physical activity and sedentary behaviour have been measured using different methods and tools.

Purpose: To conduct a narrative review of published research in cancer survivor populations to summarise the quality and identify gaps in reporting on accelerometer data collection, data processing, and outcome measures in cancer survivors.

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  1. Validation of physical activity accelerometer device worn on the hip and wrist against polysomnography
  2. Variability and reliability study of overall physical activity and activity intensity levels using 24 h-accelerometery-assessed data
  3. Actigraphy assessment of sleep quality among patients with acute myeloid leukaemia during induction chemotherapy
  4. Association between depressive symptoms and objectively measured daily step count in individuals at high risk of cardiovascular disease in South London , UK: a cross-sectional study