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PR: snapIoT Announces Another Successful mHealth Integration in One Week

ActiGraph/snapClinical Integration Advances Data Collection for Decentralized Clinical Trials

San Diego (PRWEB) MAY 18, 2020: snapIoT announces a successful integration of its mClinical platform, snapClinical™, with ActiGraph’s CentrePoint™ System. This integration gives Sponsors and CROs improved power in data collection and insights for clinical trials.

ActiGraph’s medical-grade wearables and cloud-based data management platform provide a modern solution for collecting and delivering high-quality, objective data points in real-time. These validated measurements provide insight into activity intensity, steps, energy expenditure, sleep time, and sleep efficiency. snapIoT’s mClinical platform delivers patient-centric mobile solutions to facilitate the collection of surveys and ePROs (electronic Patient Reported Outcomes) as well as monitor the daily operations of decentralized clinical trials. The COVID-19 crisis has made clear the need to leverage digital technologies to sustain clinical trials and protect the health of patients when normal trial operations are interrupted. The combination of digital patient monitoring along with smart sensors provides safes and reliable methods to continue data collection via virtual outlets.

The data collected from ActiGraph’s wearables seamlessly uploads to the Cloud where snapClinical can securely retrieve and store the data. With different types of measurements being collected through the sensors, snapIoT makes visualizing data simple by creating graphs that have the flexibility to overlay data points. snapClinical also allows users to easily compare these data points with other types of collected measurements, such as surveys and diaries. Sponsors and CROs can get full insight into patients and ensure that they are engaged and compliant with the study protocol.

With the sophisticated and innovative technology of snapIoT and ActiGraph, the integration between the two companies was accomplished in less than a week. The seamless connectivity also makes it easy for newly validated algorithms to be implemented into the system as updates or other requirements are added. The integration provides simplistic efficiencies as the sensors are implemented directly into the snapClinical workflow engine. The power of snapIoT’s workflow engine ensures that the integration can be quickly deployed into new study protocols with minimal effort.

“We continue to drive more market leading wearable and sensor integrations into our snapClinical platform in record timelines to fully support decentralized clinical trials. Our partnership with ActiGraph brings an industry leading integration to Sponsors and CROs offering a greater ability to quickly deliver a patient-centric experience,” said Isaac Eteminan, CEO of snapIoT.

“We were very impressed with snapIoT’s ability to quickly develop a platform integration to address our mutual customers’ requirements. As digital endpoints have become more prevalent, we know that providing contextual insights into patient behavior in tandem with objective sensor data is crucial in establishing the baseline for our pharma clients to make definitive regulatory claims. We’re excited about future opportunities with snapIoT, and this integration is a great start,” said Jeremy Wyatt, President & COO of ActiGraph.

About snapIoT
snapIoT, a San Diego-based company, is a market leader in decentralized mClinical trial innovation. Their mClinical platform, snapClinical™, provides unlimited capabilities in developing and deploying patient-centric engagement solutions such as eConsent, eCOA, Telemedicine, and various other patient engagement solutions to support decentralized trials. snapClinical™ functions as both a SaaS/PaaS model to allow CROs & Pharma companies to build self-service solutions on Android, iOS, and HTML5 via intuitive visual “drag-and-drop” tools, or as a full turnkey service with no software programming required. For more information, visit and follow snapIoT on LinkedIn.

About ActiGraph
ActiGraph’s mission is to help people live longer, better lives. We do that by providing our clients with high resolution, digital data that can be used to explain, influence, and predict human health outcomes. ActiGraph is a leading provider of medical-grade physical activity and sleep monitoring solutions for the global scientific community. Our FDA-cleared wearable activity monitors and robust data management and analytics platform have been used extensively to quantify human movement in academic and population health research for two decades. More recently, ActiGraph technology solutions have been widely adopted by pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations seeking to capture and monitor real-world physical activity, mobility, and sleep behavior for patients enrolled in clinical trials. For more information, visit and follow ActiGraph on LinkedIn.