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Measuring free-living physical activity in COPD patients: Deriving methodology standards for clinical trials through a review of research studies

  • Added on July 12, 2016

Abstract: This article presents a review of the research literature to identify the methodology used and outcome measures derived in the use of accelerometers to measure free-living activity in patients with COPD. Using this and existing empirical validity evidence we further identify standards for use, and recommended clinical outcome measures from continuous accelerometer data to describe pertinent measures of sedentary behaviour and physical activity in this and similar patient populations. We provide measures of the strength of evidence to support our recommendations and identify areas requiring continued research. Our findings support the use of accelerometry in clinical trials to understand and measure treatment-related changes in free-living physical activity and sedentary behaviour in patient populations with limited activity.

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  • Bill Byrom 1
  • David A. Rowe 2


  • 1

    Product Innovation, ICON Clinical Research Ltd., Unit 2, Globeside Business Park, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, UK

  • 2

    School of Psychological Sciences and Health, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK


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