Research Study Abstract

Motor Performance as Predictor of Physical Activity in Children: The CHAMPS Study-DK

  • Published on Dec. 23, 2014

Purpose: Physical activity is associated with several health benefits in children, and physical activity habits developed in childhood tend to persist into adulthood. Physical activity may be the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and motor performance has been shown to be positively associated with physical activity in cross-sectional studies. The purpose of this study was to explore the longitudinal relationship between motor performance and physical activity in a three-year follow-up study.

Methods: Longitudinal analyses were performed using data from 673 participants (44% boys, 6-12 years old) who had been included in the Childhood Health Activity and Motor Performance School Study-DK (CHAMPS-Study DK). Baseline motor performance tests consisted of vertical jump, shuttle run, handgrip strength, backward balance, precision throw and cardiovascular fitness. Composite Z-scores were generated to express health-related fitness and performance-related fitness. Physical activity was measured by accelerometer at baseline and at three-year follow-up, and was expressed as a percentage of time in moderate to vigorous physical activity.

Results: Cardiovascular fitness, vertical jump, health-related fitness and performance-related fitness showed significant positive associations with three-year follow-up measures of physical activity in both sexes. Furthermore, the shuttle run showed significant inverse associations with follow-up measures of physical activity for both sexes.

Conclusion: Cardiorespiratory fitness, shuttle run, vertical jump, health-related fitness and performance-related fitness were significantly associated with time spent in moderate to vigorous physical activity at three-year follow-up. The clinical relevance of the results indicates that cardiorespiratory fitness and shuttle run in childhood may be important determinants of physical activity in adolescence.


  • Larsen, Lisbeth Runge
  • Kristensen, Peter Lund
  • Junge, Tina
  • Rexen, Christina Trifanov
  • Wedderkopp, Niels


Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise