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Quantitative and Qualitative Findings from the More Active Mums In Stirling Trial

  • Added on July 9, 2014

Background: There are health and well-being benefits associated with participation in regular physical activity (PA) in the postpartum period. However, many postpartum women are insufficiently active in the year following childbirth. A recent systematic review conducted by this group (under review) found that most previous studies of postpartum physical activity interventions had methodological weaknesses and concluded that more high quality research is needed.

Objectives: To test the effectiveness and feasibility of an intervention to promote physical activity among insufficiently active postpartum women.

Methods: 65 postpartum women were randomized to a 3 month intervention (consisting of evidence-based motivational and behavioral techniques delivered via 2 individualized counseling sessions and group pram-walking) or standard care. Outcomes measured at 3 months and 6 months included: objectively measured physical activity (actigraph), psychological wellbeing, fitness and body composition. In-depth interviews explored the experiences of 35 intervention and control participants as part of the process evaluation.

Results: There were no significant differences between the intervention and control group for the change in mean accelerometer counts/minute from baseline to 3 months (95%CI -73.5 to 26.2; p=0.4) or 6 months (95%CI -39.5 to 71.2, p=0.6). Similarly, there were no significant between group differences for the change in moderate to vigorous PA (mins/week) from baseline to 3 months (p=0.4) and 6 months (p=0.7). Participants from both groups felt that the process of being measured and receiving feedback on measurements raised their awareness of PA and stimulated behavior change.

Conclusions: The MAMMiS intervention had no effect on postpartum physical activity behavior change compared to standard care. Findings from the qualitative have helped interpret the quantitative results.


  • Adrienne R. Hughes 1
  • Alyssa Gilinsky 2
  • Rhona McInnes 2
  • Ruth Jepson 3
  • Wendy Guthrie 2


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    UNIVERSITY OF STRATHCLYDE, Glasgow, United Kingdom

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