Research Study Abstract

Relations of Moderate and Vigorous Physical Activity to Fitness and Fatness in Adolescents

  • Published on 04/2005

Background It is unclear how moderate and vigorous intensities of physical activity (PA) are associated with cardiovascular fitness (CVF) and percentage of body fat (%BF) in adolescents.

Objective We tested the hypothesis that vigorous PA, to a greater degree than moderate PA, would be associated with better CVF and lower %BF.

Design This was a cross-sectional study of 421 black and white high school students (x age: 16 y). PA was measured with 5 d of accelerometry and expressed in min/d of moderate or vigorous PA. CVF was measured with a multistage treadmill test and was expressed as the oxygen consumption at a heart rate of 170 bpm. %BF was measured with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. Multiple regressions were used to determine the degree to which variance in CVF and %BF was explained by PA, after control for age, sex, race, and the sex x race interaction.

Results A higher index for CVF was associated with higher amounts of moderate and vigorous PA; more variance was explained by’ vigorous than by moderate PA. Lower %BF was associated with higher amounts of vigorous PA but not with the amount of moderate PA.

Conclusion Black and white adolescents who engaged in relatively large amounts of free-living vigorous exercise were likely to be relatively fit and lean.

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American Journal of Clinical Nutrition